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Our Story

The 2nd generation of our family-owned company, The Van Cleve Seafood Co.,  are all grown-up with families of their own. This new Wild.Skinny.Clean. Line was created by them, containing only the 'good-stuff' they look for shopping for quick but healthy meals. Seafood caught wild, enhanced with bright, vibrant flavors and superfoods that are low in bad fat, high in good fat, non-GMO, and FREE from corn syrup, preservatives, gluten, dairy, and ANYTHING ARTIFICIAL.

How it all came about...

When daughters Monica and Allie became mothers and in charge of their children's nutrition, like most parents, they wanted only the best for their precious babies. They found themselves researching about all of the chemicals in today's foods and the consequences these chemicals were having on our overall health. 

On a soul-searching sisters retreat to Costa Rica, they ate only Gluten Free, Dairy Free foods that were free of chemicals and educated themselves on what each meal was providing their body on a cellular level. They spent every waking moment either in the water or the wild, something they haven't done since they were children. But it wasn't just their bodies that felt good, their minds were clear and their souls were refreshed! The knew they wanted to bring this feeling back home with them. 

Once back in the US, they discovered that finding food that was chemical free, dairy free AND gluten free was incredibly hard. That's when the desire grew to create food that fit their new lifestyle, not only for themselves but for other people wanting to feel this vibrant and full of life! Wild.Skinny.Clean. is not just a brand name, it's now a way of life and passion for Monica and Allie, affecting what foods they eat, how much time they spend in nature and also what they choose to feed their mind. 

Wild- Preferring to eat things from their natural, wild habitat.

Skinny Ingredients- Low calorie, gluten and dairy free with no refined sugars.

Clean label- Staying away from harmful chemicals or genetically modified ingredients that hurt the body and keep it from running optimally. 

They want to empower people to understand the nutrients in their food and how it makes them feel from the inside out- these vitamins and minerals truly are magical! They invite you to enlighten yourself so you can make better choices for you and your family- to live your most beautiful and vibrant life! 

They are building a vibrant community with others wanting to live a Wild Skinny, and Clean lifestyle, the way nature intended! 

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