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Meditation by the Sea

A mission with a vibrant vision

We are setting out to do something REALLY big by transforming the way we eat seafood and in turn saving our oceans and cleaning up the seafood industry from it's murky practices!

We are re-inventing the way we see food by:

1. Bringing seafood back to America! We ONLY use abundant and sustainable wild caught seafood from American waters. We can trace the fish back to the fisherman who caught it.


2. Decreasing the demand and reliance on imported seafood by offering plant based alternatives. 80% of the seafood we eat is imported and 30% is coming from countries with poor regulations and human rights issues involved in the supply chain. Love shrimp? 90% comes from shrimp farms that are swimming in environmental and human health issues!

3. Fill in the supply and demand gap for American seafood with plant based alternatives. This will ensure we aren't depleting our healthy fisheries here in the US!

Together we can ensure our future is 'blue'

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