A mission with a vibrant vision

We are setting out to do something REALLY big by helping transform our global food system!

According to scientists, our food system is in big trouble. By 2050, there will be 10 billion people living on this planet and if we are able to feed and nourish this growing world, we need BIG change! 

There are big breakthroughs that need to happen but there are also small things that we can do now to be a part of this change. Shifting the way we sea food is a great start! Food needs to be seen as medicine and a way to nourish and heal the body. We also need to ONLY be consuming 100% sustainable seafood or plant-based foods. To do that, we need to educate and empower ourselves so we can take our health into our own hands! 

Our health today and the health of our future generations depend on it! 

Join us in Re-Inventing the Way we Sea Food Now and for Future Generations!

2018 The Van Cleve Seafood Co.